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Who is the father of internet: Top Secrets About Internet

If you research, who is the father of internet, you will get Bruce Sterling as the Google result. That is because he is the father of the internet. He initiated the internet in the 60s by his two science fiction stories.

Vinton Cerf is considered to be the father of Internet.

As I think about how the Internet has changed my life, I’m constantly amazed at how much it has done for me. I can keep in touch with friends I haven’t seen in years, share pictures and videos of my life with those who care about what’s going on, and of course, I can learn whatever I want whenever I want. The bottom line is that so much good has come from the Internet and the future will only bring more great things of this sort. My hat’s off to Vinton Cerf (father of internet) and his contributions to the world of technology.

Who is the father of internet

He studied at Stanford University where he received his Ph.D in computer science in 1972.

Vint Cerf (father of internet) was instrumental in the development of the Internet, being one of the creators of core IP technology along with Bob Kahn and responsible for laying out the blueprint for protocols used by today’s Internet. As early as 1972, Vint Cerf focused on the concept of a “live” network – a network that is always available. While still at Stanford in 1973, Cerf and Kahn published a paper titled: A Protocol for Packet Network Intercommunication. This paper is considered to be the birth of the protocols and architecture of the Internet.

In the 1970s, Cerf was a program manager for National Science Foundation’s Internetting Program.

As a practicing engineer and an Internet architect, [Vinton Cerf] helped build a global infrastructure that is not only useful but also keeps getting better every day. Cerf’s work and the work of his colleagues have had an impact far beyond their wildest imagination.

While working with Robert Khan at DARPA, Cerf helped develop the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and the Internet Protocol (IP).

Vinton Cerf is a legend in the computing world. He’s considered the “Father of Internet.” Through his work with Robert Kahn developing TCP/IP, Cerf laid the foundation for today’s massive interconnected digital world. He and Kahn were inducted into the Internet Society’s Internet Hall of Fame back in 2005, and Cerf has devoted much of his later life to educating others about computers and computer science. We’ll miss hearing Cerf’s stories at ICANN meetings—he was always our favorite attendee.

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These two protocols became known as TCP/IP and formed the basis of all Internet communications today.

Arguably, no one else has done quite as much to shape the Internet as Dr. Vinton Cerf (father of internet). He was instrumental in helping to develop ARPANET, the US government’s first packet-switched network, and he also worked closely with Robert Kahn on the development of TCP/IP. Without these protocols, we might still be using the telegraph today. Furthermore, his ongoing research continues to push the limits of technologies like artificial intelligence and quantum computing.

Vint Cerf is the co-inventor of the TCP/IP protocol, which goes without saying is the backbone of the Internet. Cerf has dedicated his life to shaping this industry and making it what it is today. The technology and computers we use today can be credited to a lot of people, but being one of the creators of the Internet makes Vint Cerf stand out among his peers.

Vinton Cerf is considered to be the father of Internet because he helped develop its basis.

Vinton Cerf (father of internet) will always be remembered as the man who made possible the global communications network that we know as the Internet. The way we connect, share and collaborate has been forever transformed by Vinton Cerf’s contributions. Although he may not be the richest person in the world, there is no denying that he has left an indelible mark on our world.

Whether you’re an internet expert or novice, Vinton Cerf can provide useful insight into the internet, where it is today, and where it’s supposed to go in the future. Whatever your level of interest in computers or the internet, you can learn something from Vinton Cerf. He has vast experience with computer technology and a lifetime of stories to share about this fascinating field of study.


Though many of the technical foundations for the Internet were created by the U.S. Department of Defense (e.g., TCP/IP), it is generally accepted that Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn were the fathers of Internet business because their work on Internet technology continued through the growth period of 1988 to 1990, when commercial services and applications began to flourish.

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